WATA Solution

A Smart (IoT & Mobile) solution for water management in developing countries.

Solving UN SDG No.6

Funds raised: $65,000

WATA Solution improves water management where populations suffer from consistent uncertainty and apprehension about their limited source of water.

By providing technology based on real-time data collection, WATA enables family members and authority level to control and manage water consumption, distribution, and supply with more educated decisionmaking, instantly.

What's the problem?

According to the UN SDG's No.6: Access to safe drinking water is a basic human right.

3 in 10 people lack access to safely managed drinking water services. Each day nearly 1,000 children die due to water and sanitation related diarrheal diseases. Water scarcity affects more than 40% of global population and is projected to rise. The insufficient supply of water and sanitation is costing the MENA region around $21 billion per year [World Bank, '17].

How might we enhance water management where it is most needed?

We developed an IoT (’Internet of Things’) solution for water storages that communicates real-time data both on WIFI and on GPRS, the information directly reflected to the end-users by a simple and intuitive mobile1app.

By providing technology based on real-time data collection, WATA enables family members and authority level to control and manage water consumption, distribution and supply with a more educated decision making, instantly.
  [1] A survey done by PCBS in 2019, shows that 92% of the WB population holds smartphones.

"Let's postpone laundry in two days, so we won't run out of water" - Khaled, 62

WATA’s app function as a daily water management tool, allows family members to always track their household water condition and have crucial consumption decision making.

".. I am activating ' Fill My Tank ' – We have only 45% of water left in the tank and I must cook dinner for my kids."- Riham, 34

In case a problem occurs in the tank, the app informs the end-user and suggests an alternative to solve it —
Fill My Tank ’ action will connect a water provider service, to fill the household’s water tank.

Mobile app wireframe

Managerial Dashboard for Authorities


WATA is an Israeli-Palestinian joint venture I Co found with Muhanad Kharraz, a water engineer from Nablus, West Bank, Palestine.

We met each other in a social impact entrepreneurs program in Boston that later on become our family & supporting network - Our Generation Speaks.
Simultaneously to an MBA fellowship program at Brandeis University, and taking an action in MIT accelerator – DesignX, we dived deep into the core of a severe water problem.

We made vast research, ideation sessions, and analysis that structured our decisions on designing and shaping a meaningful solution and won a Pre-Seed grant to build our vision. Derived by loads of passion to bring a solution to a severe water challenge (UN SDG NO.6) in our region, and worldwide.

. Funds raised: $65K

. IoT Prototype & MVP app

. 2018-2019


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