Fresh new direct way to get farmers' produce. 

VegAble App created in order to serve and support a new social oriented approach, providing accessible channel between farmers and consumers

Nowadays, middleman who chop dividends while playing the mediators role between farmers to retailers lead the Israeli agriculture economy. One of the leading causes to unfair fact that farmers are struggling to balance financially while maintaining agricultural yield based business, leads to an increasing rate of farmer's bankrupts, one by another.

VegAble brings the change with a WIN-WIN solution!
A marketplace platform that bridges farmers to spread the word about their produce sale-points and for the consumers who wants to enjoy accessible, fresh, high quality farmers' produce, while skipping middlemen.

By doing so, the Israeli agriculture market can be more independent and flexible, while eliminate middlemen reaping benefits without paying-back to the farmers.

— 2016
Mentor: Tomer Shemi
Professional advisor: Nevo Yatzker - Agronomist, Arava’s regional planner, Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.
Made in collaboration with: Rina Berezovski, Ziv Roditi and Yan Weizman.



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