Localeyez Application
Your local guide in the city.

This is a 48 hours prototype made in the HUJI Hackathon for Smart Cities, held at the Hebrew Univesity, Jerusalem. We were a team of 3 developers and 1 deigner [Me:].   

We tackled city exploration by foot, as our main subject.

Our target audience are short-term visitors and tourist, as well as new residents in the city who want to get-to-know the city in a local prism, not only by the mainstream touristic attractions, as usual.

— 2016
Made in the HUJI Hackathone for Smart Cities.
Made in collaboration with the students Netael, Avital and Zack from the Computer Science Department, the Hebrew Univesity, JLM .

Don’t be a stranger
Localeyez yourself.


Localeyez created to provide an access to unique authentic content to enlighten the city to its explorers.


We do that by a map full with Localeyezed pins, created by users, the app offers to look for specific attractions, or by filtered search, by location and by local ‘angels’.

In just a click away you can be guided through special spots, observe fringe art, drink in the most preferable neighborhood bar, listen to unknown young band or even join to a family dinner.


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