CO.Bricks A community engagement platform: borrowed kit of tools that invites a social-creative activity at the urban-community garden.

CO.Bricks is a set of tools that invites a productive social-creative celebration in the urban community garden. The community garden is a unique space where people meet, create, learn, and build together. Through collective creation of functional objects, which have a unique and personal “fingerprint” that changes from one garden to the other, the residents of the neighborhood can plan and build together the common public space in their living environment.
The kit comprises tools for creating bricks in traditional technique, local soil materials, and a digital catalogue with assembly instructions for various functional objects that can be built with the bricks.
CO.Bricks is a platform that facilitates the construction of a community, by fostering the connection between man and earth.


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 Guidance: Elan Lior, Dr. Yona Weitz

Special Thanks:
Ran Ezra
Lottem Horowitz
Gal Kramarski
Daphna Yalon and Adamahi Center
Jonathan Plitmann, Narkis-Lod Community Garden, JLM
Yair Asaf-Shapira and Eli, Rasko Community Garden, JLM
Nitsan Iserovich, Back to Earth
Rammed Earth Israel, Ronni Halevi and Tom Alkalay  

Production technique: Rammed Earth Bricks.

CO.BRICKS’s set of tools

Few examples of CO.BRICKS's garden furniture options:

In addittion to spreading CO.BRICKS’s concept among urban citizens, the website made to support and sustain the project.It includes:

- A digital catalog showing assembly instructions for a variety of useful objects that can be constructed from the Bricks.

- Plan and Book your borrowed CO.BRICKS’s tools to your Communal garden/neighborhood

- Mapping communal gardens by users’s snapshots, that can be uploaded and mark location-pins on the map.
Enabling easy access for collaborations and inspiration.

CO.BRICKS’s website. Special thanks to Ran Ezra ^

>>Co.Bricks at DesignZoom Aticle 

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