JLM Design Week 2019


INCOGNITO A series of wearable accessories to disrupt tracking operate by ‘big brothers’, to follow citizens daily lives in a post-privacy era.

—  2019

Aloe To Go
— 2016

Series of sensory lintels, functioning as an anchor for spatial orientation for the visually impaired and the blind.
— 2015

Natural-Technological remembering.
— 2013

فَوَاح ; פַוַאח ; Fawah Scented objects made in collaboration with the Arab Blind Association Broom Workshop, Via Dolorosa St. at the old city of Jerusalem.
— 2018

CO.Bricks; Local Production at the urban community garden.
Set of tools that invites a productive social-creative celebration in the urban community garden.
— 2017

Floating wood toy
— 2013

Under the table
Weaving intervention
— 2013

Industrial woven textile, combined with used plastic bags at their second life cycle.
— 2016

Interior habitat for Spirulina.
A wild type of blue-green algae, well known thanks to her nutritional benefits ('super-food').
— 2016

Physismart Smart bracelet for Parkinson's patient. Supports independence, encourage physical & cognitive exercise and social activity. — 2015

Hundreds of used plastic bags
Hand-made hammock,
weaved from hundreds of used plastic bags.
— 2016

4 persons sofaMade from bended iron mesh (used for
reinforced cement casting), Beech wood and40 cushions.
— 2015

Compass 5:1
Model making
— 2013

User Experience and User Interface (UX,UI)

VegAble App
— 2016

Exhibitions design

Industrial Design Graduation Exhibition
— 2016

— 2016

A tribute exhibition to the
israeli artist Guy Ben Ner
— 2016

Localeyez App
— 2016

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